Sam Fender Doppelgänger Eurovision

Spaceman come occupational therapist John Heams looks so much like Sam Ryder that he’s using this window of fame to raise money for the British Red Cross. It was only a couple of minutes before he was mobbed by fans of the United Kingdom’s 2022 Eurovision entrant. BBC Look East’s Zoie O’Brien and met […]

Vivian Woodward

vivian woodward

Football Quiz Question   Q: Which footballer captained Tottenham and England and remains English football’s leading goal scorer?   A: Not Harry Kane!   Whaaaat?   In fact England’s most prolific goal scorer was little known Clacton Town striker Vivian Woodward.   Shoot-edit went to meet Woodward’s biographer at FC Clacton where it all started […]

Bleeding Brilliant!

Shoot-edit went to meet British cycling superstar Alex Dowsett with BBC Sport reporter Tom Williams. Alex is shedding blood sweat and tears for “Little Bleeders”, a charity he set up to support young haemophiliacs. Alex and fiancée Chanel are running the London Marathon to raise awareness of the condition where blood in the body is […]